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26 July 2018

AICNU 2018, Chennai   new

We are extremely happy to share the brochure of 10th AICNU 2018 which will be held at Hotel Taj Coromandel, Chennai, India between 4th and 5th August 2018. Click here to read more Invite 2018

24 July 2018

Scientific Programme Agenda, AICNU 2018, Chennai   new

The organising committee of AICNU 2018, is happy to announce the scientific programme agenda. Click here to know more Programme Agenda

14 July 2018

Abstracts of Distinction, AICNU 2018, Chennai   new

The scientific committee of AICNU 2018, is greatly pleased to announce the Abstracts of Distinction – Practising Dietitians category, selected for oral presentation. Congratulation to all the winners!!!

1. AICNU2018-A336 ; Ms. D.Uma Sankari

2. AICNU2018-A281 ; Ms. Geetanggili Subramaniam

3. AICNU2018-A291 ; Dr. Radha R Chada

4. AICNU2018-A287 ; Ms. Mary Magdalene Santa S

5. AICNU2018-A345 ; Ms. Nandita Sarkar

Click here to know more Abstract of Distinction

Oral Presentation : PhD Research Scholars Category, AICNU 2018, Chennai   new

The scientific committee of AICNU 2018, is also excited to announce the winners of abstract competition for PhD research scholars category, selected for oral presentation. Congratulation to all the winners!!!

1. AICNU2018-A327 ; Ms. Suganya .V

2. AICNU2018-A379 ; Ms. Priyadarshini S

3. AICNU2018-A361 ; Ms. Ramya Subburaj

4. AICNU2018-A331 ; Ms. Lekha.V.S

5. AICNU2018-A375 ; Ms. Daphnee.D.K

Click here to know more PhD Research Scholar category oral and poster presentation PhD Research Scholars

Poster Presentation, AICNU 2018, Chennai   new

The scientific committee of AICNU 2018, is also happy to announce the abstracts selected for poster presentation in practising Dietitian and post graduate student category. Congratulation to all the winners!!! Click here to know more about poster presentation AICNU Posters

13 July 2018

AICNU 2018, Chennai : 3rd Announcement Released new

We are delighted to share the 3rd announcement of the 10th AICNU 2018 which will be held at Hotel Taj Coromandel, Chennai, India between 4th and 5th August 2018 with accommodation details, to allow you to schedule your time and to begin working with your group to plan for sessions. Block your dates. Click here to read more 3rd Announcement 2018

AICNU 2018, Chennai : Confirmed Speakers Announced new

The AICNU organizing committee is happy to announce the list of confirmed speakers for the forthcoming AICNU 2018, Chennai. Click to know more about Speakers of AICNU 2018

AICNU 2018, Chennai : Online Registration Now Open new

All participants must be registered.
For AICNU Registration, all participants must submit a complete online registration form. Click here to register http://clinicalnutritionupdate.in/register.php
The AICNU conference requires the full data for each individual participant, including updated postal address and e-mail address. Incomplete registrations cannot be processed. Confirmation of the registration will be sent only when the corresponding payment is received.
While registering online, it is possible to create a user-account, enabling you to come back to your data to update them.

The MUST-ATTEND Clinical Nutrition Conference of India: AICNU 2018 in Chennai !!! new

We are happy to share the 1st announcement of the forthcoming 10th Apollo International Clinical Nutrition Update (AICNU 2018) which will be held at Hotel Taj Coromandel, Chennai, India between 4th and 5th August 2018. Block your dates1st Announcement 2018, Chennai

AICNU 2017 Report Released !!!

On behalf of the AICNU Organizing Committee, we wish to thank you for your participation at the AICNU 2017, which was held in Hotel Lalit, Mumbai, India on 3rd & 4th June, 2017. We were delighted to host almost 600 participants from more than 10 different countries who found the Scientific Program both stimulating and enriching. We are very grateful that you took time out of your busy schedule to participate. Click here to know more…. Final AICNU 2017 Report

Update your Knowledge  

Those who attended the AICNU, Colombo, Sri Lanka 2016 and for those who were unfortunate, here is a good news. All the presentation of AICNU 2016 is now available in our website and so do take time to update on what’s the latest in clinical nutrition. Click here to read more http://clinicalnutritionupdate.in/education/aicnu-presentations/

Apollo International Clinical Nutrition Update, Colombo, Sri Lanka 2016   

The 8th Apollo International Clinical Nutrition Update held on 13th and 14th of August 2016 at Colombo, Sri Lanka, was a grand success. Click here to view the inaugural function https://youtu.be/5pAUdluzO9g

Clinical Nutrition Update 

The official website of the Department of Dietetics, Apollo Hospitals Group “Clinical Nutrition Update”, is a knowledge sharing vertical providing essential scientific information on Clinical Nutrition and the relationship between disease and nutrition in the clinical setting.

In India, Clinical Nutrition has gained importance only during the past decade. The increasing knowledge of nutritional care process in chronic and acute diseases has stimulated rapid advances in the design, development and clinical application of nutritional support.

Our aim is to share the acquired knowledge of Clinical Nutrition practice and to encourage the rapid diffusion of knowledge and its application in the field among practising Clinical Dietitians.

As part of translating evidence based knowledge to clinical nutrition practice we conduct Apollo International Clinical Nutrition Update annually and information regarding the event will also be available in this site.

Each issue of our monthly news letter will provide details regarding Apollo International Clinical Nutrition Update and nutrition related articles and reviews, an invaluable reference for any specialist concerned.